Get Certified

This is a game changer for coaches working with female tennis players. A team of leading doctors and expert tennis coaches have put together a revolutionary experience that is set to change the way coaches work with female players. This course is designated for coaches working with female tennis players of all ages and levels. It will enable coaches to communicate better while facilitating common technical changes for athletically capable athletic females

WTCA Launches Global Hub

Prior to the formation of the WTCA, there were very few educational options for coaches looking to improve the way the worked with female players. There are many coach education organizations around the world but the WTCA is the only group that offers courses specifically designed to teach coaches the often overlooked differences between instructing male and female athletes.

Dr Erin B Joins The Team

Dr Erin is an orthopedic surgeon, athlete, educator, researcher, and professional team surgeon. She specialized in sports injuries and was the first woman to work as a team orthopedic surgeon in the National Hockey League, Major League Baseball and the Canadian Football League. Erin is an avid tennis player and player on the ITF senior tour.

Corporate Partnership

The WTCA has formed a corporate partnership with the Professional Tennis Registry. The PTR was founded in 1976, by world renowned coach Dennis Van der Meer. Dennis saw the need to develop a universal language and progressions for tennis teaching. PTR Membership offers unparalleled educational materials, opportunities, career assistance and most importantly, worldwide recognition and respect.