High Performance Coach of the Year

Highlighting the very best in women's tennis

The Women’s Tennis Coaches Association was formed in 2015. The
Association is the first of its kind; currently being the only professional global
organization formed solely in support of coaches working with female players. The
High-Performance Coach of the year award was established in 2015.

Voted on by the board of directors, the WTCA awards this honor to a coach who meets an exceptional standard in coaching.

To be nominated for this award, the WTCA determined that coaches must have achieved at least 3 out of the 5 criteria below.

  1. Coached players during 2017 who won ITF Grade 1 titles in singles or doubles. Players must have won these events while under the coach’s tutelage.
  2. Coaches who were selected as National Coaches by their respective federations to accompany and coach a player at Grade A and Grade 1 ITF junior events.
  3. Coaches who have coached players during the time they achieved career high rankings on the WTA Tour or ITF Junior circuit in 2017.
  4. Coaches who have coached players that won junior grand slam or professional grand slam events in 2017 whilst under their tutelage.
  5. The coach worked at least one week at a WTA tour event or senior Grand Slam, officially in a head coach position.

The award winning coach

  • Must be a registered coach with a nationally recognized organization
  • Coach may not have been fined by a governing organization being the national body, ITF or WTA tour.

Honor Roll

  • 2015 – Kevin O’Neill
  • 2016 – Ann Grossman Wunderlich
  • 2017 – Thomas Downs