Rise Tennis Academy and coach Patrick would like to get more girls into playing tennis and more importantly stay in tennis for a long time. Based in Rancho Cucamonga California, RTA is the perfect location for players to train. Catering to students of all levels. Clients served by RTA include High performance, adults, junior intermediate and beginning, and of course tournament level players.

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Developing successful young people in all aspects of At Rise Tennis Academy we focus on athlete centered coaching. We recognized that every athlete learns differently and our coaches work with the specific learning style of each individual. We take continuing education seriously and are always pushing ourselves as coaches to be the very best we can be in oder to maximize the experience of our players.


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Patrick Khandroo has founded Rise Tennis Academy in February of 2017. Born and raised in Vienna, Austria he has played Collegiate Tennis in Southern California. He started his coaching career in 2013 but it was not before starting to work with Madison Shepperson in 2014, (5-star recruit), that he wanted to take his coaching career to a different level. Coach Patrick has since then taken Madison to several national tournaments and has a significant impact on her qualifying for the Easterbowl and breaking the Top 100 nationally in 2019. Coach Patrick has mainly worked with female coaches and made a great effort on growing female tennis. Coach Patrick is USPTA certified and want to keep growing female tennis in Southern California. His philosophy is discipline and hard work. He believes that if you stay disciplined, put in the work on the court that you can achieve everything you dream of. He also believes in having fun off the court, to keep his players interested in coming back and working even harder. Coach Patrick regularly travels with his students to tournaments as he believes that it is a significant part of developing a player.

Patrick Khandoo

  • College tennis player
  • Born and raised in Vienna
  • USPTA certified coach
  • Travelling coach
  • Certificate of attendance WTCA Conference Indian Wells

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