Our online learning resources and world-class events build tennis coaches who are fully equipped to help female tennis players achieve their ultimate potential. We focus on mentoring, mental health and player development. 

Mission Statement

WTCA is a warm, welcoming and inclusive community of all tennis coaches, players and enthusiasts that empowers women through education, mentorship and connection to become coaches and leaders in the sport.

Industry Conferences

We bring in the biggest names in the industry to help you learn what they know and grow! This year we will be back in New York City for our annual conference at the USOpen!  It will be bigger and better than ever before with a great lineup of experienced coaches, mentors and speakers!  Also, new partnerships will be announced as well benefitting our members!  Its going to be a great year for the WTCA!

Upcoming Events

What is the WTCA?

The WTCA is the global hub for coaching women’s tennis. Our mission is to keep more girls in tennis by advancing the coaching of female players across the sport. A positive side effect is to create more opportunities for women to coach high performance female players. With the help of experts in the fields of medicine, coaching, and playing, the association is driven to assist coaches. Using captivating instructional videos, nurturing mentorship programs, motivating conferences, and educational coaching courses, the WTCA plans on aiding passionate coaches in order to enhance the world of women’s tennis.

Online Courses

As a WTCA member you will find a number of convenient online courses to enhance your knowledge and skillset, including certification to bolster your credentials.

Exclusive Content

We produce a wealth of unique articles on sports performance, drills, sports medicine, tennis news, and more. Much of this information is only available to members and can’t be found anywhere else.

Special Events

The WTCA hosts international events and conferences throughout the year. Meet top coaches and experts in performance, sports medicine and more. Connect with your peers and network with industry thought leaders.

Industry Job Listings

Looking for a career change? Need to hire a qualified Tennis Pro? Just curious what’s out there? We’ve got you covered. Browse opportunities around the world or post a job; success starts here.

Online Shop

Get your hands on the latest training gear; tested and approved by WTCA staff and team athletes. Members enjoy special discounts on the entire shop. You won’t find deals like this at your local sporting goods store.

Private Video Content

Access dozens of exclusive videos covering drills and training exercises. You won’t find these anywhere else, and they’re only available to members, so sign up today!

Why Join The WTCA

The WTCA is the only tennis coaching association in the world that is dedicated solely to women’s tennis. Coaches, parents, players and support teams have access to the free mini course, the coaches corner, educational videos and our monthly newsletter. Become a member today!

Gain Knowledge

Many coaches across the world have drive and desire to work with talented female athletes, but do not know what needs to be done to allow them to reach their full potential. The WTCA provides coaches with an easy way to learn the specific aspects to finding success with a female athlete.

Recognition & Certification

As WTCA certified baseline level coach, you will stand out in the industry as someone who is not only knowledgeable about working with female players but also a coach that is invested in furthering women’s tennis. 

Exclusive Deals

WTCA members will receive special pricing on training aids and gear that’s been tested and approved by our pro team. Team merchandise, including WTCA bags and apparel will be available exclusively to our members.

“I’ve been coaching female players for over 20 years. The WTCA baseline course was something I really wanted to take because I wanted to be sure I was on the cutting edge for my players.”

Kim Davis, Tennis Coach

“For the first time in my 15 year coaching career I have had the opportunity to study specific content to enhance my coaching skills when it comes to working with female players. The conferences and online education are the best in the world. Being part of the WTCA community is something that’s very important to me.”

AJ Cotter, Tennis Coach

“The WTCA learning platform is not only relevant to coaches but to players as well. I like to look at things from a coaches perspective, it helps me become the most coachable player I can be.”

Alexa Glatch, Tennis Player

Start Learning Right NOW

The WTCA is your premier destination for advancing your career in coaching women’s tennis. No matter what stage you’re currently at, we’ll help you get to the next level and beyond.

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