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Managing and Building your Finances

Maintaining Health Insurance while travelling - International Medical Group This is the first in our series of monthly columns related to controlling and managing your financial and personal health while traveling. Knowing that you have health and medical resources at...

Outside the Lines: Leveraging the Power of Your Network

Nobody is an island, and no business can succeed if its leaders close themselves off from the outside world. There may be a huge array of digital opportunities for connection, but none of them will matter, and none of them will endure if you can’t forge durable bonds...

Why Your Tennis Business Needs to Understand Data

Imagine you’re in a typical office. Look around you. There are patterns everywhere. They’re in the stripes on the carpet, the tiles in the ceiling, and even in usual clutter of a workspace. What will you do about those patterns? Do you clean up the clutter or lay down...

The 6-Step Blueprint to Success for Tennis Entrepreneurs

Any good tennis player can adjust their strategy and think creatively to win a match. This adaptability is often the killer edge that pushes some players far ahead of others. The same is true in the “game” of business, of which coaching is only one small element. A...

Tennis Business editor – Tim Bainton

Tim Bainton is the Founder of Blue Chip Sports Management and Centre Court Holdings. He is also a Senior Advisor for Data Society and the Chief Business Advisor to the Women’s Tennis Coaching Association (WTCA). Tim is regarded as a pioneer in the industry for his achievements in acquiring, managing, and sustaining successful tennis and health clubs, and he is also a nationally recognized development coach. Tim prides himself of seeing all angles of the tennis industry as a coach, owner, educator, and change agent.

Tim is certified at the highest levels. He is a USTA High-Performance Coach, a USPTA Elite Professional, and a PTR Professional 5A. He has earned multiple Teaching Professional of the Year awards from the USPTA, PTR, and UPSTA. Tim also serves on the Head and Fila National Teams. Tim has multiple publication credits, including co-authorship of the books The Complete Coach and The Complete Player, and regularly speaks at major tennis and industry conferences and events around the world. Tim has also been featured in Club Solutions and Club Industry Magazine.

Tim graduated with Honors with a degree in Economics, which he attained while competing for the George Mason University collegiate tennis team, He also holds graduate degrees in Business and Sports Management from Georgetown University. You can find more information about Tim, including coaching and entrepreneurial guides and other resources, at

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