Maintaining Health Insurance while travelling – International Medical Group

This is the first in our series of monthly columns related to controlling and managing your financial and personal health while traveling. Knowing that you have health and medical resources at your disposal in your language wherever you may be is of great comfort as you travel throughout the year.
International Medical Group has been providing these services since 1990 and is one of the most recognized international health providers in the world.

The attached links are specifically for members and their players of the WTCA.  A wide array of coverages are available for the US and Non-US coaches.

International Medical Insurance Options:

Global Medical Insurance – 365 Days – Anywhere in the World

Patriot Travel Medical Insurance – Standard Travel Medical Insurance – Per Trip Basis

Patriot Platinum Travel Medical Insurance – Premier Travel Medical Insurance – Per Trip Basis

Patriot Multi-Trip – Standard Travel Medical – Annual basis for multiple trips


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