We are Passionate About Helping World-Class Coaches Create World-Class Athletes

The WTCA was founded in 2015. The Association is the first of its kind; currently being the only professional global organization formed solely in support of coaches working with female players.

A Global Community

The WTCA Represents and supports coaches and player from around the world.

The WTCA was formed in 2015 by leading coaches around the globe. An assembly represented by the United States, Belgium and Australia, including former top 30 WTA players and coaches, came together with the vision of raising the level of coaching in women’s tennis.

Often times, players and employers are looking specifically to hire a professional who is not only experienced but has a passion for women’s tennis.


Our platform brings together the leading coaches in the field of coaching women’s tennis for the first time.

  • As a community, we strive to support one another in our common goal of a higher professional standard of coaches in women’s tennis
  • At the time of establishing the basic framework of the WTCA, it was documented that only 8.5% of top 200 WTA players, had females listed as their coaches.
  • We believe that with that number advancing to equal representation of male and female coaches, the overall level of professional coaches the number of female coaches in the industry will go up.
  • Today, in the women’s game, there are countless standout male coaches who have dedicated their careers to furthering women’s tennis. A number of expert male coaches are representatives on the WTCA board.

Our Principles

At The WTCA we recognize:

  • that while certain differences exist between female and male tennis players, there is no requirement to coach them differently.
  • the development of a tennis player centers on the athlete as an individual rather than a gender.
  • with this quality leadership in mind, we can look forward to a future where women’s tennis will continue to lead the globe as a sport recognized for its superior athletes and humanitarianism.

Our Executive Team

We’ve assembled an experienced and talented team from across the tennis world to best serve you. Our team consists of renowned coaches, physicians, professional players, and thought-leaders in the sports world.

Brian Thomson

Board Member

Tammy Anderson

CFO, Treasurer, Secretary

Anni Miller

Education Director

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