Girls Strength Development

Girls Strength Development

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Primal Movement Patterns

Welcome to your Girls Strength Development Program! You have purchased this program because you want to improve your tennis game. Having a strong body is the first step to making that happen. Congratulations! We designed this program due to the amount of feedback and requests we have received from players around the world looking for [...]

Girls Strength Development – Level 1

This program will kick-start your strength growth. You will develop a solid foundation and initiate a platform for the future. At level 1 we start with isometric training. Isometric training is when an exercise is performed in a static position, rather than a dynamic movement. This type of strength training, the joint angle and muscle [...]

Girls Strength Development – Level 2

The Junior Strength Development Program Level 2, is all about building on the Level 1 mechanics and stability. By increasing the intensity and progressing the exercises, you will start to see results. We move from isometric training to more dynamic movement training. Things may get more challenging as we look to build strength through movement-based [...]

Girls Strength Development – Level 3

The progression of the Strength Development Program is where we see the results come through. Level 3 is all about building on the foundational movements. Introducing weight and increasing intensity, you will feel stronger and more powerful. During the exercises, do so with gradual increments. Start light and see how the body responds post-training (next [...]

Girls Strength Development – Foam Rolling

This program will increase your mobility throughout your joints. It is a fast track to preventing injuries and helping your body recover. You will break up adhesions, scar tissue and lengthen your muscles with these proven techniques. It is important for young athletes to learn how to recover effectively. It is one area most young [...]

GSD level 3 Program

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