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This course is designed to introduce coaches to working with female tennis players of all ages and levels. Through studying this course coaches will be armed with a new understanding of the female player enabling them to communicate better while facilitating common technical changes for capable athletic females. The information provided in this course will enhance knowledge of female physiology and anatomy. This improved coach- awareness will result in better player performance with reduced risk of injury. In addition the course will address the delicate subject on the interrelationship between performance and menstrual cycle, as well as the need for effective skillful communication with females, the promotion of healthy body image and support for making healthy food choices.

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Dr. Erin Boynton


Dr. Erin Boynton is an orthopaedic surgeon, expert medical witness, consultant to the Toronto Blue Jays, and former chair of the research committee for the Canadian Orthopaedic Foundation.

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Hips and Core; the Weak Link in the Female Tennis Player Decreased hip and core strength in female athletes is well documented. For a successful career in tennis, it is essential to understand the importance of strong hips and core in tennis performance. Many of the common problems found in female tennis players, including slower foot speed and poor serving mechanics, are related to decreased hip strength and range of motion. 2min


Fitness Screening Can Help With Predicting Problem Areas The best approach to injuries is prevention. There are several fitness screens that are proven to be reliable predictors of injuries. By using one of these screens or a combination, areas of weakness and/or decreased mobility can be identified. Understanding the scope of each of the fitness screens and what the scores indicate, can be an invaluable coaching tool. Screening provides a baseline in developing an exercise program to prevent many of the injuries female tennis athletes are prone to. 3min


Common Injuries in Female Tennis Players and How to Prevent Them In a study of high level tennis players, it was found that the lower extremity is the most commonly injured followed by the upper extremity and then the trunk. The ankle and thigh were the most frequently injured. 1min


Contact: Acceptable Forms Touch is actually something very important to female players. But, by no means, should that contact be sexual in any way. Coaches may reinforce effort and achievements by giving the player a high five or fist bump. This can help cement new habits into the player’s mind and body. Giving a player a pat on the back or making a supportive comment at the right moment can do wonders for the player’s game and strengthen of the player/coach relationship. 5min


Accommodation Male coaches should not share a single room with girls under the age of 18 at any time. If the player needs an adult in the room and the parents are not available to travel, insist on a family member accompanying the player as a chaperone. If the rooms are adjoining there is no problem, however, a one bedroom suite is also not appropriate.


Ethics & Legality Coaches need to maintain their integrity. If they are aware a player is taking performance enhancing drugs, they need to step away and alert the appropriate authorities. The same policy applies to betting on matches. Player support teams are prohibited from placing bets on tennis. It is not worth a coach sacrificing their career for a few hundred dollars. 3min


Teaching Tactics A great deal of teaching and coaching within youth sports currently focuses on developing techniques and skills within practice time or structured lessons. This custom very often leaves little time to actually play the game – during which the application of technical lessons becomes a vehicle through which young athletes will most optimally learn. 1min


Progression For many coaches one of the most difficult things to teach is correct progressions. The reason for this is there is no exact manual explaining how to teach kick serves, as that would require a manual about every player on the planet. 1min


Developing Athletic Ability Growing up, few females participate in a variety of athletically challenging sports. This can make it much more difficult for them to develop the variety of athletic skills that they require to play a very physical style of tennis. 3min


What Female Players Look For In A Coach Female players hire coaches for various reasons. An athlete is not always looking for a leader. At times, she may be looking only for a travel companion or hitting partner. From the onset, it is important that coaches clearly define their role on the players support team.


Social Media Influences In today’s society, the entertainment industry and media have a significant impact on the lives of athletes. Females are major consumers of media, and therefore are the biggest recipients of the messages portrayed and revealed through this medium. Previously in this module, the enormous amount of social pressure put on females to adhere to certain standards was extensively discussed. 1min


Bullying 1min