Mastering Hand Feeding Course

3-4 hours

Looking for a course that will advance your hand feeding skills?    We developed an online course designed specifically to enhance your hand feeding. This comprehensive course is exclusively available and WTCA members and the best part is its FREE!

We searched high and low for platforms that teach coaches the ins and outs when it comes to hand feeding. We came up virtually empty-handed apart from a $700 live course where students simply watched a coach live, with no real learning opportunity.

Take your coaching skills to the next level, take this course today!

Sarah Stone

Professional Tennis coach

An Australian native, professional tennis coach, Sarah Stone has been coaching on the WTA tour for over 10 years. A former professional player, Stone has a vast amount of experience at the very top of women’s tennis. Currently, she is the coach of American Fed Cup player Alexa Glatch. Formerly, Sarah was the coach of Samantha Stosur who was a 3-time grand slam champion whilst under her tutelage.

Sarah Stone is the founder and CEO of the Women’s Tennis Coaching Association and is the chairperson of the Women’s Tennis board at the Professional Tennis Registry.


Stone’s TOURING Players HAVE IncludeD:

Alexa Glatch, Aleksandra Krunic, Romina Oprandi, Vasilisa Bardina, Anastasia Rodionova, Samantha Stosur, Nicole Frenkle and Christina Wheeler.

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This course was designed exclusively for WTCA members and is not available on any other platform.