why join as a wtca member?

The WTCA is the first organization of its kind, solely dedicated to advancing women’s tennis through thoroughly educated coaches. The global hub for coaching women’s tennis, the WTCA has resources in medicine, coaching, and athletes in order to assist and educate all coaches. With instructional videos, mentorship programs, conferences around the globe, and educational coaching courses, the WTCA both educates and inspires passionate tennis coaches with the one goal of enhancing the world of women’s tennis. Our online courses come with certifications, helping coaches to both learn and draw in more athletes. Members will have unparalleled access to WTCA material on both our website and our social media pages. In addition, WTCA members have the exclusive opportunity to be Fast 5 presenters at WTCA Conferences


What you Get by Joining

From the moment you join the WTCA you become part of a global community of elite coaches dedicated to improving the performance and health of female tennis athletes. You also get some pretty cool perks:

Interactive Courses

The only course of its kind, the WTCA Baseline Certification ensures coaches are up to speed when it comes to working with female players. This course is free for Pro and Club members. 

Exclusive Discounts

Save up to 50% with our exclusive partners plus 20% off everything in the WTCA online store when you join as a WTCA member.

Knowledge Library

Editorials, articles and interviews with some of the brightest mind in the tennis industry can be found in the education section of our website. Want us to interview someone specific? Drop our editor a line at kylie@wtcatennis.org

Video Library

100’s of drills and exercises at the touch of a button will help coaches take their female students to the next level.

Special Event Access

In partnership with the ITA the WTCA hosts an annual one day summit in Naples Florida. Pro members can attend this one day summit 100% free of charge as one of the fantastic WTCA member benefits. 

Industry Job Listings

Got and opening you are looking to fill? Why not list the job opening on our jobs board and we will share it with 44,000 people on our social media platforms.

who can join as a wtca member?

All of our memberships are offered to coaches and those who are interested in improving the sport of women’s tennis through the WTCA. We do not and shall not discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion, gender, gender expression, age, national origin, disability, marital status, sexual orientation, or military status, in any of its activities or operations. These activities include, but are not limited to, hiring and firing of staff, selection of volunteers and vendors, and provision of services. We are committed to providing an inclusive and welcoming environment for all members of our staff, clients, volunteers, subcontractors, and vendors.


Become an Industry-Recognized Leader

Advance your knowledge and become part of the fastest growing community in tennis. The WTCA recognizes industry leaders in a variety of ways. Pro members have the opportunity to present Fast 5 sessions at WTCA conferences, giving coaches an opportunity to break into the speaking world. 


How long is the membership period?

WTCA membership is a 12 month membership recurring from the date of sign up. You know exactly what you get when you sign up, we don’t mess with pro rating or coaches mission out on any educational time.

Do you have to be a coach to join the WTCA as a member?

NO. We welcome everybody who is involved in women’s tennis to join our community. Parents, coaches, support teams, players, doctors, physics therapists and many other “stake holders” have already joined the WTCA as a Pro member.

If its not just for female coaches why is it called the women's tennis coaching association?

The association name says it all: The WOMEN’S TENNIS coaching association. So any coach of any gender male, female or non-binary working with a female player is essentially involved in women’s tennis coaching – add association to that and you have the WTCA. A coaching association exclusive to female coaches would likely be named The Women Tennis Coaches Association or something similar.

Can males become members of the WTCA?

YES Absolutely! The primary goal of the WTCA is to educate all male and female coaches working with female players.

Does the WTCA membership include insurance?

At the moment the WTCA does not have an insurance policy. We are not in the business of certifying people as coaches – we leave that to our other partners.

What events does the 20% off discount apply to?

All conferences/summits/workshops held by or in partnership with the WTCA.

i want to do a fast 5 presentation at one of the wtca conferences do i have to be a wtca member?

The fast 5 concept is something started by the WTCA in the tennis indusrty and and its an initave we are very proud of. like everything else at the WTCA we believe its a team effort. we invest in the speakers furture and its important for us to have them standing behind our mission. By being a member it signifies that ccoaches are invested in being part of our rapidly growing global community.