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Everyone wants and needs a better serve. Servemaster is designed to accelerate learning by feeling great serve technique. We take away the ball and concentrate on developing swing shape and overall body coordination. It gives immediate feedback for fast learning and can be used to practice an entire motion or to focus on one part.

All you need to do is: hold the correct grip, relax and get it moving on a fluid path. Your body is smart. You’ll become accustomed to the grip and the timing of all movements.


All Servemasters have a 3/8 grip and a weighted end connected by a flexible cord. This “flexible racket” is an invaluable tool that can be used on or away from the court to master:

  • The Continental grip (and versions of it for various serve types)
  • Overall coordination for continuous and sequential movement on the serve
  • Abbreviated or classic motion, pinpoint or platform stance
  • Point of contact for flat, slice and kick serve
  • Consistency & placement of first and second serve
  • Toss consistency through tempo and movement
  • Dynamic warm-up, stretching/strengthening, non-dominant side development
  • Forehand, backhand and overhead practice



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1 Ball, 2 Ball, 3 Ball, Academy Pack


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