The right coaching can retain and grow the number of female tennis players at all levels of the game.

By providing unique opportunities to coaches of female tennis players, we create pathways for female athletes to realize their potential. Through educational coaching courses, motivating events and nurturing mentorship experiences – both coaches and female players can achieve their dreams.

Did You Know…

  • Less than 10% of WTA tour coaches are female
  • 70% of female tennis players leave the sport before their 17th birthday
  • Ernest & Young (EY) research shows that among senior business women in the C-suite today, 94% played sports — suggesting a strong correlation between their success in sports and their success in business.

Your dollars will go directly towards keeping more girls in tennis

  • $50 will support coaches needing assistance to take the GTN course
  • $100 helps group of coaches gain access to world class mentoring
  • $200 covers the baseline education for an up and coming coach

Your Donation Adds up

Your gift + grants + volunteers = ENORMOUS IMPACT on young females lives

The WTCA is a 501(c)(3) non profit and your donation may be tax deductible.

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