A crucial part of coaching is learning how to accurately read your player so you know where to adjust their form and technique. In some cases, trying to “fix” your player can end up being detrimental to their current strengths and style of play. It is important to remind yourself that there is no point in adjusting the form and technique of an athlete’s strength’s. Instead of focusing on how to alter the players entire style and game of play, keep their strengths high and slowly improve their weakness’. Recognize where the player excels on the court, and then focus on smaller goals that are attainable and helpful to their success. Even if you’re player has a different approach or technique than what you are used to, do not alter their game to what you believe is best. Instead, allow them to continue to develop their given talents and focus on how to strengthen the parts of their game where they struggle.  

It’s important to not bombard your player with too much information. Focusing on just one or two corrections at a time can be the most beneficial way to improve their game. If a player has multiple things to focus on at once, an overload begins to occur. Training new technique is best done by repeating the movement until it becomes unconscious. Give them attainable corrections that can be worked on once at a time and that will allow them to master the adjustment to their movement. Once this is done, it becomes a set part of their game and they can begin to focus on a new area of development. 

 Focusing directly on what the player needs to improve on is also the best way to maintain their confidence. Instead of picking apart every aspect of their game, emphasize small goals. Once a player has mastered this goal and it becomes an unconscious part of their playing, they not only become a stronger player but also see their hard work paying off. 

A coach’s philosophy and style of game also has a huge impact on the athlete’s success and motivation to get better. Supporting the players current style of play while also integrating new techniques that will help develop their game is what aligns coaching style with coaching philosophy. For every athlete, coaches and educators must find the correct teaching method. Work on finding the most productive training and technique style that will continue to enhance their strengths, but will also allow them to adjust the areas of their form that need improvement. 

The best coaches understand that each athlete is different in all aspects. This includes attitude, technique, style, and how they respond to instruction and various coaching methods. Coaches can focus on hand tailoring their criticism and guidance in order to achieve maximum effectiveness and connect with players on a larger level.

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