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Everybody has given their opinion and especially judgments about the US Open final, it’s human nature so it is what it is! Serena Williams has had a miraculous comeback. Many times in her career. But now being a mother and a player, so soon after giving complicated birth, it is amazing, very very hard and a remarkable achievement. Especially with her emotional attachments and background, what she has gone through with her sisters and everything else.

So we are going to share our view and expertise where we feel there is a need to input.

We feel that Serena might have started playing too soon after the birth of her daughter. She has nothing left to prove, all of her records and achievements are already basically unmatched, some might even say she doesn’t even need to play anymore. By winning one more slam she will equal the record set by Margaret Court, Yes, it is her life and her goals but she has had such an incredible run in her career already!

 Or couldn’t she get more ready on all levels? To prepare herself not only physically but also psychologically. Emotionally. She was in a big struggle this last match. And this only shows what a remarkable person she is. (Going all in only months after the complicated delivery of her daughter.)  She was really emotional in that final because it is difficult to prepare for that kind of pressure.

But not one person can feel what she has gone through and what her “why” is.

We are using Numerology to understand these kinds of emotional situation and gain strategies in order to potentially prevent them. How do you ask? It’s simple because certain characteristics can be read and decoded with numerology.

Every number can be decoded and interpreted with precision. Backed by thousands of years of experience and vibrational science, this is not a witchcraft or fortune telling. It is exact and the most important thing that it’s useful and reassuring. With this knowledge, and actually, wisdom put into life and practice, you can prevent players from unraveling. To understand your character and all the traits, programs by which you behave; it’s priceless. Because when you know what your weaknesses are, you can improve and work on them. Otherwise, you are just floating in life and situations that occur and influence even more on your determined programs.

From Serena’s numbers, we can read and decode that she is a very emotional person. Her thoughts are: feeling a lot of emotions about everything.  Serena’s positive upward spiral is her ability to communicate. When she is in the flow of connection, her messages are that she can talk to anyone about anything. She can convey the ideas and present herself with grace and resilience.

Her will is so strong that she can go through everything that is difficult. She cannot and she will not stop for anything. There are no obstacles for her. This endurable state of mind has brought her so many achievements. Then she is listening and allowing others to guide her. Because she feels safe and ok. She understands and trusts herself and that is why she can let go of the bad and old. She just connects to the new and to the upward spiral and delivers.  In this wise power, she is unstoppable. This is pure Serena as we all know her. The Serena who has achieved more than even herself could imagine.

Those are only some of the points you can read and decode from the numbers and quite amazingly they coincide and describe the happenings in the final match of the US open. Many think it’s just something conveniently made up to fit into the picture, nevertheless, this is the truth. What we are presenting here is just the possibility of having this knowledge, to use it in advance and prevent such emotional turmoil. To be able to maintain an even temperament. Opinions and numbers aside we can never understand how it feels to be the Serena, and how it feels to be playing for your24th Grand Slam title.

We have the opportunity to accept all as it is available and use it to lift humanity. To live with the integrity of the champions that we are. Practice in every moment and train ourselves to be calm in the storm. Otherwise, we are going to have situations like this, that nobody is benefiting from. Love is accepting and understanding. Love is sharing life at its best. And love is as well seeing Serena for what she has done, brought and how she enhanced the game of tennis particularly now also as a mother.

Majority of coaches are closed in accepting new ways of doing things, because is conventional, familiar and usually a proven method. This makes them feel secure. So a lot of the coaches and players are simply doing the same old same old and are not risking anything with a new approach.  But why not try something new because what is old and proven now, was new not so long ago.

So we welcome you to open yourself to a new horizon and broaden your approach to coaching, to the understanding of your players and enjoying the tennis game. Numerology is not for everyone but something that might just change the way you work with a player that you previously really couldn’t understand!