Learning who we are is one of the most precious Gifts we can give ourselves! A Gift that only we can open! In a world that has many mixed messages to Be, Think and Look like someone else there is no doubt why many children, women & men think so lowly of themselves trapped in a vicious cycle of ups and downs where the downs out number the ups! Then add to that the mired of things such as poor relationship experiences, family issues, religious programing we can see how low self esteem may find its way into people’s lives in the form of eating disorders such as Anorexia.  

How do I know this? Because I myself walked through the opportunity of making a decision to Be me, Love me & to take Really good care of me. It was a time that became very clear I was being given an opportunity to make a choice! A choice to care enough for myself. To reach deep down inside and reconnect spiritually. A time when my inner voice said, “STOP! Stop comparing yourself to others and falling short! Start recognizing & expressing YOUR talents & gifts! There is only one of you and you are as unique as each & every other person on the planet.” I began to fall in love with myself ~ the Greatest Love of All from which allothers flow! It is the reservoir from which to draw.      

We can only give what we already have! When we realize who we really are and feel grateful for our own talents & gifts we can truly begin to live & be the person we were born to be! Yes Anorexia has to do with a disorder of eating, however, that is only the result of what is being felt or not felt inside our being. When we are living our purpose, our passion we are Happy beings & magic happens! We look forward to each moment with anticipation & excitement which is how it is meant to be!       

When talking with people I share the importance of finding what one is passionate about. What creates excitement that carries them through each day eager to be living and experiencing what life is offering. I also recommend being wise as to what forms of media we tap into that is feeding THEIR side of things whether we are talking about TV/radio/newspapers etc. I recall years ago being told, “Be sure to read the newspapers & listen to the news so to be informed.” The interesting part of this was that at the same time I heard a strong voice within saying  “NO! No I am not feeling that doing that is healthy for me.” Making wise decisions about what we are allowing into our Hearts & Souls is so very vital.     

So remember if you are experiencing eating disorders, yes you want to take care of the eating issue, however, from my experience when we go directly to the cause then we are more able to heal the wounds that are leading us to harm ourselves.. May we all experience “The Greatest Love of All” so that true healing will take place! Be your own Beautiful!     

Written with LOVE by Marchia Carnicelli Minor, Co-Producer/Founder & Host of the 27 year Mind Your Body and Spirit Radio Show.  Marchia is also on the Advisory Board of National Health Federation (NHF). Contact: marchiacm@yahoo.com & healthyreferral@gmail.com216-533-2273  Available for Speaking & Interviews.

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