Eastbourne Conference 2024

June 23-24, 2024
Eastbourne College, UK

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June 23 & 24, 2024

Caring For Althetes' Mental Health

This event aims to address and improve the mental health care practices for athletes, providing valuable insights and strategies for coaches and sports professionals. The conference underscores the importance of mental well-being in the sports community, promising a day of impactful discussions and expert presentations.
WTCA Eastbourne conference 2024


We are once again returning to Eastbourne College, on the UK Sunshine Coast. June 23rd is the first Sunday of the LTA International Tennis Tournament held at Devonshire Park. So there will be some tennis to see in the breaks and after the conference. Watch the pros practice and battle it out in qualifying rounds.

The conference is to be held in the prestigious College next door.

If you currently teach, coach, mentor, encourage or are involved in any way with females that play sport or would like to play sport – this conference is of value.

We have a insights from doctors, female sports specialists, tour coaches, and players; add a group of passionate people to the mix, everyone will benefit and learn from each other as well.

The theme this year is concentrating on how to better care for our own and our associates mental health, to build confidence in younger generations, and ensure all feel welcome to play the sports they’d like to, to assist in making wiser decisions, to feel included, and most of all fall in love with being active and healthy. All of which will help develop valuable life skills.

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Use Discount Code WTCAMEMBER