The Tennis Connection: A brand new WTCA podcast hosted by Margot Carter with Sarah Stone

What is a tennis community? At the WTCA be believe it is the ability for coaches to feel connected……For the first time in tennis, we ask tennis experts, thought leaders, industry disrupters, pioneers, Grand Slam champions and many more, thought-provoking questions that are guaranteed to captivate your imagination.

Winning in life is working hard, showing up and doing hard things – especially when there are simply no guarantees.

Who was your first coach, why did you fall in love with the sport, how do you feel when you walk back into the club where you grew up, does it feel more like home than any other place on earth. How can we grow our industry together, rise up to achieve gender equity in tennis? Not only raise strong girls but strong boys as well.


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Episode 0 – Margot Carter and Sarah Stone – Welcome to the podcast



Meet your host

Your host Margot Carter is a former professional tennis player reaching the worlds top 500 before shifting gears to pursue a career as a tennis director, educator and keynote speaker. As a former radio host and DJ, Margot is well versed when it comes to podcasting! An outstanding conversationalist and widely respected witty Brit, Margot has the willingness to embrace vulnerability enabling her to deliver a truly authentic and fascinating narrative. Her impressive interviewing style will leave you hanging to tune in to every single episode.  

Alongside Margot is WTCA founder and CEO Sarah Stone. After her playing days concluded Sarah went from playing at Wimbledon to become a three-time Grand Slam winning coach. Those that spend time with our fearless leader quickly realize that she is a thoughtful and compassionate humanitarian who has an unwavering commitment to living life wholeheartedly. Her vision was to create an organization that was inclusive of absolutely everybody and make it known that time was up for the elitist mentality that has historically been such a large part of tennis culture. ‘Virtuosity in life is singing out, not necessarily singing well’ is a motto that Stone has always lived her life by – never one to back down from a challenge and always the one to lift up those around her. 

Together, Carter and Stone take you on a wild ride! Grow the community with us, let us know what the tennis world should be talking about – how can we work as one to be game changers, disrupters, visionaries, supporters, advocates, partners, neighbors, friends, colleagues, benevolent leaders, and team-mates?

Advantage receiver – Stay tuned for more updates.

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